Using Minifeeds™ to Build Your Weekend Plans


Let’s face it, sometimes coming up with weekend plans can be a struggle.

You finally get a couple days off from work, you want to have fun, relax, and not have to put much effort into finding things to do. Sure, you can always stay in and have a low-key weekend of binge watching your favorite Netflix series, but sometimes you want to switch it up and you’re not sure what’s going on in the area around you.

Enter Feedme® –

Using Feedme, Your Personal Superfeed™ Customizable Content Stream, you can create a MInifeed™ solely dedicated to the weekend.

To build your weekend Minifeed™ click the add Minifeed™ option, and then add all of local businesses, movie theaters, and events you’re interested in to your feed.

This makes sure you are getting all of their content updated into one organized feed so you always know what’s going on around you. Then, when the weekend rolls around, you won’t have to wonder what is going on around you – you’ll have endless ideas to keep you entertained all weekend.

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