How much does superfeed cost?

Not a dime! It is 100% FREE!

What is a superfeed?

Your Superfeed page is where all of your favorite sources, content, and news are streamlined into one main feed.

How can i control what i see?

Superfeed allows you to select and remove the exact sources and publications, giving you only news and information that is specific to what you want.

What is a minifeed?

Minifeeds are made up of focused content that are tailored to a specific interest or topic you want to be informed about. 

How do i Follow a minifeed?

1. Click on the "+" in the top right-hand corner.

2. Find the right Minifeed


  • Tap "Search all minifeeds"

  • Type desired minifeed

  • Tap "Add" 

  • Continue search or hit finish

Scroll through Trending

  • Tap "see all"

  • Tap the Trending Minifeed you want

How do i make a minifeed?

1. Click on the "+" in the top right-hand corner.

2. Tap on "Create" at the bottom.

3. Select and add sources you specifically want to see.

4. Hit "Finish" and name your new Minifeed!

How can i give feedback?

Take our survey here: superfeedtech.com/feedback


contact us at support@superfeedtech.com

What Do I Do If my feed is stuck?

1. Login if you haven't

Click gear

Scroll down

Click login

2. Delete App

3. Download again from app          store. 


Email us at: support@superfeedtech.com

Need Something Else? Contact Support 👉 Tap Here.

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