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Connect all your social channels together on Superfeed so your followers can see all your posts on one app.

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Be Seen by your Audience

Superfeed is an app that gives users convenience in getting all the public content, news, and information they want in one streamlined, customizable, and shareable feed. Users can now control what they see on Superfeed which means your followers will see your content. Our app lets users decide what content they want to see and how much of it shows up on their feed.


All you have to do is continue posting on all your social media platforms and tell your followers they can get all your content on Superfeed. We’ll do the rest.

Connect and Authorize your Social Channels on Superfeed

Superfeed brings in the pages your audience already follows on their social platforms and websites into one integrated app.

Enter your profile URL addresses and we will begin pulling in your content into our app. Add multiple URL accounts by hitting Enter between each address.

Thanks for submitting!

**If you are submitting an RSS feed, we do ask that your RSS feed uses W3C RSS specs.

Feeds should include content newer than 30 days old, be easy to read, be organized by date and not be password protected. 

We only use your feeds to display your image, headline and “share-text” / excerpt from your content which then allows Superfeed users to click, driving traffic to your site.  We will provide advertising in our platform and by submitting this form you acknowledge you are authorized to share the feed(s) provided. Feeds take up to 48 business hours to get approved.

If you have any questions you can email

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PO Box 75525, Phoenix, AZ 85087


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