Coexisting: Remote Teams and Office Teams

In today’s industry, having a company that has both remote teams and office teams is becoming the norm. The key to being able to have some of your staff members work remotely while others work in-office, is finding a way to coexist and work together as one well-oiled machine, despite the divide in location.

At Superfeed® we find that the best way to achieve this balance between both branches of our team is to keep an open line of communication.

“Communication is vital when working with remote teams, so we rely heavily on technology to drive our meetings through Microsoft Teams Rooms and Microsoft Teams to collaborate on the projects at hand,” Explains Corey Batorski, Director of Operations.

To ensure smooth and effective communication among in-office and remote teams, having reliable technology to use is a must. Chief Marketing Officer, Erin Brownback, works daily with both remote and in-office teams.

“Having an open line of communication using Microsoft Teams chat and video calls or similar technology, is essential to making sure we all function successfully as a team,” says Brownback.

The use of current technology, such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms gives us access to multiple forms of communication amongst coworkers in one place including instant messaging, audio calls, video chat, screen sharing, and access to the team calendar.

“This allows us to easily start new meetings, project screens, draw on virtual whiteboards and invite various stakeholders with ease to these meetings,” says Batorski.

With the tech we have available to us today, maintaining an open line of communication between in-office and remote teams has never been easier. Batorski adds, “The power of the technology allows for all of this collaboration.”

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