What Makes Superfeed Different

In a world dominated by social media with endless apps constantly being thrown at you, it’s hard to know what makes an app different and worth downloading.

Create your own algorithm

Superfeed is different from other apps because we allow the user to create their own algorithm. This means that the content you see in your feed is strictly the content you’ve asked Superfeed to show you.

Control your feed

In addition to controlling your own algorithm, you can further customize your feed and the content you see. Superfeed allows you to do this by adding unique controls such as removing sources from your feed whenever you want. Superfeed will also, in the near future give users the ability to uprank and downrank feature.

How to use Uprank and Downrank

We want you to be able to control what you see as easily as possible. For this reason we are in the process of creating an uprank and downrank feature.

If you want to see more of a source or more content like it, click the uprank icon at the bottom of the source to let Superfeed know that you want to see more from that source.

If you want to see less of a source or less content like that, click the downrank icon at the bottom of the source to let Superfeed know you want to see less content like that.

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