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Superfeed Technologies is a mobile application developer based in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Superfeed products have three unique offerings that are included in every project. These three features are customizable feeds, intelligent campaign tools, and audience building. Superfeed Technologies is Your News and Information Superhighway™.

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The most integral part of all of our applications is our customizable feeds. Easily import your Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and RSS feeds into YOUR app with a touch of a button. Your feed is updated in real-time as you post. Additionally, you may post original content that consists of text, images, or videos. 

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  • Audience Data

  • Campaign Mgmt.

  • Contact Database and Mgmt.

  • Contribution Tracking

  • Custom & Template Campaigns

  • Custom Reports and Statistics

  • Customized Branding

  • Data Mgmt.

  • Direct Voter Canvassing

  • Donor Mgmt.

  • Email Marketing

  • Event Mgmt.

  • Event-Triggered Actions

  • Fundraising

  • Geo-Location Tracking

  • Scheduled Posting

  • Mapping

  • Multi-Campaign

  • Personalized Activism

  • Push Notifications

  • Social Media Integraton

  • Staff Mgmt. 

  • Survey / Poll Mgmt.

  • Targeted Canvassing

  • Volunteer Mgmt.

  • Voter Enrollment & Engagement

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Every second, your app is collecting valuable data. This data can be used to reach the audience that you're building within your app. This audience is easily reachable through our push notification system. 


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Love it! Massively needed app. It cuts out the big tech algorithms and lets you see Facebook, Twitter, and other social media without big tech censoring or deciding what you see. It's early in the app's development, so it should only get better.

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Absolutely love this app. It gives you the power we have wanted for years. Instead of a computer telling you what you think you want to see, this lets you have all the control. I’ve waited years for something like this!

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No nonsense, no beatings around the bush. Just the stories I want, when I want, and how I want them. tl;dr if you want customized news sent directly to you, get this app.